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Driving Simulator - How obtain Experience Behind

by:Funssor     2020-07-11
AplusB Software is releasing its latest product, the SIMURIDE (Manual Transmission Car - Driving Simulator). This unique one of a kind simulator helps the user gain experience behind the steering wheel of an automobile with a manual transmission (has option for automatic transmission also). The SIMURIDE is an excellent training tool. In fact, the initial hours on a stick shift should be adopted this simulator to avoid stress and damage with your vehicle. Through the car driving simulator you will find out how to properly use the clutch and the gear shift either in a tiny plane car or big semi truck. This SIMURIDE allows the user the option of selecting several different driving terrain environments such as: city streets (with or without traffic), country roads, maze with obstacles, or basically a maneuver lot to practice parking and backing up your vehicle. It also offers driving on a bright sunny day, foggy day or at night, with the option of using either high or low beams when necessary. The purpose of SIMURIDE is to give consumer enough experience of driving without any of the downfalls. This educational program together with the G25 Logitech steering wheel, gives feeling of driving a total vehicle. With this awesome product by AplusB, driving schools will be able to save cash and time. Vehicles will stay safe, clutch and transmission are undamaged, gasoline bill will disappear and insurance rate won't go up. Even the environment will benefit from the SIMURIDE since it releases no air pollutants. Check out these reviews on this product plus other AplusB Software Corporation software such as 'CDL Commercial Driver's License Manual' and 'Road Rules - US & Canada Driving Test' at www.aplusbsoftware.com
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