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How to Pair a Motorola Symbol MC70 Mobile Computer

by:Funssor     2020-07-05
Begin by making confident both the Motorola MC70 mobile computer and the Zebra EM220 mobile receipt printer are enabled with Bluetooth. Fortunately, the Motorola MC70 handheld computer comes with Bluetooth as a standard option, but the Zebra EM 220 receipt printer does not which means you'll have to request that option when purchasing one. Typically, pairing the Motorola MC75mobile computer with the Zebra EM220 mobile printer (or EM420 receipt printer) via Bluetooth is no different that pairing your cellular phone along with a Bluetooth headset. Generate 'non-standard' part is because Zebra sometimes not include a default Bluetooth PIN for that Zebra EM220 printer. In order to set the PIN for that Zebra EM220 portable receipt printer, you must have to use Zebra's Label Vista program which you can download from the Zebra website (www.Zebra.com). Within Zebra's Label Vista software you will need to set the PIN by selecting the Printer ; Bluetooth Settings menu opportunity. In the 'Authentication:' field, select the 'SETPIN' option in the drop down menu after which you can enter the PIN you want to use inside of the 'Pin:' location. You can also enter a 'Friendly Name:' to let you'll be better able to name your Zebra EM220 mobile printer. Lastly, set the 'Discoverable:' mode to On. The default PIN code for the Zebra EM220 portable printer is '0000' Now you carry the Bluetooth PIN for your Zebra EM220 portable printer, you begins pairing the Zebra EM220 printer i'm able to MC70 handheld computer. In order for most printers to use the Bluetooth connection, we as well associate a serial port with the Bluetooth internet connection. The first step is to go through the Bluetooth icon in the Windows Program Tray that is in the more reduced right hand window of one's Symbol MC70 handheld desktop pc. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on icon MC70 mobile computer and therefore click the Show BTExplorer menu chance. Select 'File-> New Connection' to start the 'BTExplorer New Connection Wizard.' Close to the drop down menu amongst the screen, select the 'Associate Serial Port' option and then click the 'Next->' button in the base RHS among the screen. The Motorola MC70 mobile computer should then begin on the lookout for Bluetooth devices that it can actually pair with; with a modest amount of luck, it will see the Zebra EM220 receipt printer and must be effective at click the 'Next-' button until find a prompt requesting the PIN. Type in the Pin and also you be complete. The Motorola MC70 Mobile Computer should now be paired with your Zebra EM200 receipt inkjet printer. For traveler on Zebra Barcode Label Printers or Motorola Mobile Computer products, visit my recommended website at AutoSavings.com or make contact with a Barcode specialist at (714)922-1140.
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