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Installing the Powis Parker Fastback P21x FoilFast

by:Funssor     2020-07-04
The Powis Parker Fastback P21x printer is designed to allow you to print high quality graphics using foil on presentation covers and title sheets for hard cover binding. This article will provide you with step by step instructions for installing the FoilFast P21x FoilFast printer in Windows Experience. However it is important to remember that each previously installed FoilFast software must be removed before installing new FoilFast software. Please make sure you have installed previous versions before on going. 1.Plug your printer into your computer using either an USB cable or a parallel printer cord. The P21x printer is the first generation of the Foilfast Printer to come with an USB port. For people who have an older P21 printer without USB you may be able to use a parallel to USB conversion cable. However, just about all brands of USB to parallel cables work with purchase. Check with your local Powis Parker dealer for did you know the compatible brands. associated with.After you have plugged the unit into your computer, turn your printer on. The 'Found New Hardware Wizard' screen should appear. If have got the driver disk for your software you can tumble ready now. Otherwise you should be in a find the software for this printer at powis.com/software many.Click on 'Install from a list or specific location' and click 'Next'. The Hardware wizard will then ask you to locate your installation software. 4.Click 'Browse' and locate your software, or insert your installation CD into the computer. When you have located the folder that offers the software, the 'OK' button will available. If you are not in a folder or subdirectory includes the installation software, the 'OK' button will remained grayed out. 5.Click 'OK'. The Hardware Wizard will now show the location of your software in of the question labeled 'Include this location in the search.' Make sure that the box above this section is checked. 6.Click 'Next' and also the program will seek out the new product. 7.At this point you may receive a warning that the software you are about to install has not passed Windows Logo testing. If this window appears, click 'Continue Anyway'. The Hardware Wizard should now install plan onto your workstation. 8.The Hardware Wizard will notify you when is certainly finished installing the printer software. Click 'Finish'. The printer device drivers and FoilFast software won't be loaded on to your computer and you should be ready to customize your documents with foil. Once you have completed these steps, your printer should be ready to use. If, for any reason your installation was not successful, remove all different parts of the FoilFast software from your computer and try the installation again. The current version of Foilfast drives seems function well with Windows 7 but customers have reported issues looking install the printer on Windows Landscape. If you are having trouble getting the drivers for your printer installed you should contact your authorized Powis Parker dealer for assistance. Powis also has a superb tech support team that can assist with installation issues and compatibility problems. Purchasing are interested in more information about the Fastback P21x FoilFast Printer or aspire for Fastback Binding Machines or Fastback Binding Strips veggies visit MyBinding.com. They are the largest online dealer for Powis Parker Fastback products in the United states. In fact, they carry the entire distinct Powis Parker Fastback binding products.
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