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New CR-10 V2 officially launched

New CR-10 V2 officially launched


On the morning of September 29, the classic upgraded CR-10 V2 3D printer was officially launched in the world. Liu Huilin, co-founder of CREALITY 3D, Yu Xia, project director of CR-10 V2 of R & D center, Shen Jiali, overseas sales director, Liu Chao, overseas market director, gathered in the live studio of CREALITY 3D headquarters in Shenzhen, and broadcast live through youtube, Facebook, instagram and other online platforms. The ball users have brought wonderful sharing.

The market is never short of products, only good ones

With the host's opening and applause, the launch of new products officially began. Shen Jiali, head of overseas sales, first came to the stage to share. She focused on the company's overview, development process, service system and market layout, and gave a detailed explanation of the company's hot-selling products.

Shen Jiali, head of overseas sales, pointed out: "the market is never short of products, what is missing is good products. It is worth mentioning that CR-10 series products in 2015 cr-72016 cr-82017, cr-x and ender-3 Series in 2018, and chuangxiang 3D has launched new explosive products with market competitiveness every year, which are favored and sought after by global users."


Product introduction:

1. Two way cooling nozzle,Two way heat dissipation is even, with heat dissipation channel.

2. Compatible with remote and near end feeding, Optional Titan near end feed (not standard).

3. 24V / 350W open latitude power supply, Stable power supply, high safety factor.

4. All metal extrusion mechanism, Strong stability and wear resistance.

5. Optional automatic leveling, Bl-touch Auto & manual leveling.

6. Tmc2208 ultra quiet drive, Silent printing, decibel small.