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The 13th Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition

The 13th Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition


The 13th Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition (Asiamold 2019) was held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou on March 10, 2019. Nearly 20 presentations will be held in the same period of the three days of the exhibition. The content will cover a series of mold and additive manufacturing products and technologies. It will understand the future development of the industry, share the latest market insights and innovative technologies with the industry, and attract more than 950 exhibitors. The area is over 62,000 square meters. Professional buyers from all over the world can find hot mold making, die casting, metal processing, 3D printing, laser and automation technology at the show.

In the 3D printing industry, there is a brand with the product concept and quality of “real gold is not afraid of fire”, which is rooted in the hearts of consumers. In just three years, it has won the reputation among many consumers for its leading quality, leading technology and leading service. Today, with this scientific spirit, it came to the 2019 Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition (Section 1.1, Booth C23)



What are the highlights of the 2019 Guangzhou Mould Exhibition and Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd.?

The reporter will take you on a tour of the site and feels the atmosphere.




Eye-catching exhibits, wonderful presentation

This time, Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition Anet carries a number of new products N4, A8 Plus, E16, A10, E12 Plus, A5, N7, etc. released in 19 years, among which N4, A10, A8 Plus are all explosions created by Anet in 19 years. product. A variety of product selection can meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios, so the Anet product experience area is popular, which shows the powerful charm of the Anet product family!