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5 Awesome Features of the Logitech Driving Force

by:Funssor     2020-07-18
The Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel will be the official Grand Turismo 5 racing wheel. It comes with many great features which make your Playstation and PC racing games come to life! These are a couple of things you will get from excellent racing wheel (it carries a 1-year limited hardware warranty): Force Feedback The force feedback about this wheel is incredibly precise. It accurately reflects all the experience taking place in the action. You can feel every inch of the road, every bump, crash, spin and collision. Traction loss, spin outs and loss of car control are amazingly life as. The force feedback can be adjusted in the event you less hectic ride. The Wheel The racing wheel has 900 degree wheel rotation and it auto centers itself while come from your a turn just as being a real car. It has an 11-inch rubber overmold an individual won't experience any slipping even following a long racing session. 24-Position Adjustment Dial You can fine-tune many settings for power steering force, brake balance ratio between front and back, traction control etc. Every one of these adjustments can be done on the fly never having to pause sport. System Compatibility One of the matters that we love about the Driving Force GT racing wheel is it is fully compatible with both your computer or laptop and both PlayStation2 and Playstation3. Should you like to use it by using your PC this is what you require. PC Pentium processor or compatible Windows XP or Windows Vista 256 MB RAM 20 MB of available hard disk space CD-ROM drive USB port Games that support Logitech force feedback Game Compatibility The Motivator GT is compatible with many racing games on the market at at the time. We however would advise that if are generally wanting expertise just prime quality this wheel is an individual invest from a copy of Gran Turismo 5. In accordance with the Logitech website, this gaming steering wheel is suitable for the following games: Gran Turismo 5 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Gran Turismo HD Midnight Club Los Angeles Need for Speed: Undercover Need for Speed: SHIFT Superstars V8 Racing Supercar Challenge Burnout Paradise DiRT Formula One Championship Edition Need for Speed: Carbon Need for Speed: ProStreet Ridge Racer 7 NASCAR 08 NASCAR 09 The driving force GT merely over-delivers performance wise but is also excellent easy. For a full review please visit www.drivingforcegtreview.com.
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