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Made of high strength spring steel sheet Made of steel from U.S.A. with Pei Powder coat . We guarantee that this Bed plate contains Ultem PEI .
Easy to separate the plastic parts when cooling.
Rough finish of bottom layer ensures a Better look parts ( Texture almost indentical at Original Prusa Pei Powder coating bed )
Avoid replacing pei plastic film.
Get you out of the trouble ( Bubble ) when plastic film decreased after a period of usage.
Made of steel from U.S.A !!!!! VERSION 4 This plate is the almost indentical texture as the original Prusa !!!! Give pieces to the finish of the same appearance! You've seen it for a long time we did it ! Last plate of heated bed that you will buy !

available Now the all new Double-sided TEXTURED ( Texture almost indentical at Original Prusa ) PEI Powder-Coated spring steel sheet !!!!

Notched For Prusa Mini With new magnetic heatbed. No more pei peel change! No more ugly bubbles! you can always print at the same place !!!

You will have the best construction bed ever ! higher temperatures than normal pei sheet making it a better material for use as a heated bed. will quell your frustrations.

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