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Who Invented The First Laser Printer? The History

by:Funssor     2020-06-23
The Laser Printer was invented at Xerox in 1969. The earliest model was based on yourrrre able to send own xerographic copiers and was modified according on the requirements of an inkjet. Researcher Gary Starkweather is credited with its research and development as a result of the year 1971, he'd brought into being a fully functional networked printer programme. Over a period of time, the business of laser printing earned billions of dollars for Xerox.The First Laser Printing Machines Commercial laser printers were first integrated into use by way in the IBH model 3800 around 1976. It was used by businesses to print high-volume documents like mailing labels and invoices. All all in all it was a very primitive version of the modern day printers and was quite large. One for this first laser printers were being specially designed for use with an individual computer was the Xerox Star 8010 that was released in 1981. The biggest problem with this printer was the expense. Their price was around $17,000 which actually made it unaffordable for most individuals and business so its use was limited in order to relatively smaller number of companies. The rise of the Laser PrintersIt was only after the utilization of personal computers started ever more widespread that HP introduced one of the first laser printers targeted in the mass market. This printer was the HP LaserJet 8ppm and was released in 1984. An interesting fact to note here was that is used a Canon engine, which was in turn controlled by HP software. This printer became very popular and therefore companies like IBM, Brother Industries etc followed it up with their own printers of the laser collection. The Role of Laser PrintersApart from standard printing jobs that a printer was supposed to perform, laser printing popularized the process of desktop publishing. This was given an added fillip while using the release of the Apple LaserWriter for its Apple Macintosh computers in 1985. This was accompanied by the Aldus PageMaker, which further popularized desktop publishing. Popularity of the PrintersThe prices of electronic devices have fallen over many years and so uses the cost of laser printers and refills. Moreover, the size of such printers for offices or home has also gone down and today their sizes are acceptable for used homes and small offices as well. What this essentially means is how the development and technological research in the printing industry never ends. These products satisfying all types of needs and requirements pertinent to documentation and are experienceing this highest standards of quality and reliability and are regularly setting new benchmarks for the one. Each and every development will be written down within a new chapter of history and most likely the history of laser printing machines will be never ending. About the Author:This Article is written by John C. Arkin from PrintCountry, the contributor of Printer Inkjet cartridges Articles. More information on the subject is located at Who invented the first one Laser Printer? The background of Laser Printers, and related resources can be located at Dell Laser Toner Cartridges.
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